construction company in Lagos: Dutum

Highlighting the significance of Dutum’s operations as a construction company in Lagos

The nature of the construction industry in Nigeria is such that it is characterized by several abandoned capital projects, owing to a lack of continuity in government policy, poor strategic corporate plans, and inefficient use of technology.

Notwithstanding, the sector has recorded outstanding performances over the years. Dutum Construction Company Ltd, a pioneer construction company in the sector, has contributed to this high-level performance. Dutum is playing its part in the construction industry with transformative projects. Through its operations by narrowing Nigeria’s infrastructure gap and boosting economic development in general.

The 32-year-old construction firm achieved all of this against several systemic obstacles. Such as erratic power supply, a shortage of skilled workers, lack of resources, and rampant unethical behaviors in the industry. With over 200 projects ranging from building construction, civil engineering, real estate, facility management, integrated infrastructure, and housing development, Dutum Construction Company Limited as a construction company in Lagos delivers expertise through its work across diverse sectors.

Some of these projects, such as the Dominion Air Hanger, have helped Dutum demonstrate its expertise across sectors such as Aviation. Also, by taking on the construction of projects such as the Admiralty Mall and the Art Hotel – with its rooftop swimming pool and high-ceilinged reception hall – Dutum is setting a standard for sophistication while prioritizing functionality.

While Purple Lekki, another of Dutum’s projects, is still under construction. The structure represents the needed consideration for sustainability, safety, use of technology, efficiency, and cost concerns throughout a project’s lifespan. Unceasingly, Dutum continues to deliver on its promise of centering client’s comfort. As is evident in projects like the Vehicon Center for ENYO and CARS45 project in Ogolonto, Lagos.

All in all, as a construction company in Lagos. Dutum is steadily impacting the construction industry by laying the foundation for economic progress and development with quality infrastructure projects. That put the indigenous firm at the forefront of Africa’s construction industry.

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