Why Surveyors Are Now More Important Than Ever

Here we explain everything you need to know about surveyors, what they do on a construction site, and why they are so important. So let’s get started.

Who is a Surveyor?

A surveyor is a professional who gathers several types of information about a piece of land by measuring: horizontal and vertical distances between points and descriptions of the exact characteristics of the land structure and surface. Afterward, it is represented on a sheet of paper known as a plan or map.

What is Surveying?

Surveying is the process of marking where infrastructure goes on the ground and is the first step when starting a new construction project. It is involved in everything: from accurately drawing boundaries between private and public land to inspecting bridges and other critical infrastructure.  

Surveying must be performed accurately, as some construction jobs are so large that even a slight error in direction can cause significant problems during construction. There are pictures of paved roads on the internet that did not meet because the builders started work at both ends, without taking accurate measurements.

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Importance of surveyors on a construction project 


  • Before construction, the surveyor carries out a boundary survey providing the client with a survey plan which will interpret the corners, orientation, and area of the property in full detail.
  • The surveyor then carries out a topographical survey of the property. In addition to interpreting how the terrain of the property looks in terms of slope, this map will also provide contour lines showing variations in height between different intervals.

The documents/information from these two surveys will be issued to both architect and structural engineer by the client to guide them in their design.


  • During construction, the surveyor establishes the precise positions of all structural elements (defining the position of piles, pile caps, beam center lines, columns, drainages, man-holes, etc.).
  • Next, the heights and levels of all structural elements proposed and designed for each project are monitored according to their specific heights.


  • The surveyor performs an As-built survey after the project is completed for the client to determine whether it was built as designed. This is important before delivering a project to the client.

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