Our Responsibility

As part of the CSR of a construction company, we understand that our work and business decisions have an impact not only on our organization and stakeholders but also on the communities that support our daily lives and livelihoods. As a result, we have endeavored to operate in ways that contribute to society and the environment, notably (but not exclusively) in the following areas:

Scholarship Program for Women in Construction

Application for the 2023 Dutum Scholarship Program in AutoCAD 2D dedicated to empowering Women in Construction is now open. Click to Apply.


Provision of scholarships for students studying courses in the built environment such as Civil Engineering, Building Construction and Architecture in tertiary institutions.

Social Amenities

Provision of boreholes in the communities where we work that lack potable water.


Renovation of health centres and classrooms — in communities where we work.


STEAM Fair, Abuja.
ICT for Girls programme in Ondo State.

The LIFT Project

CSR of a construction company: Dutum launches a CSR initiative to empower over 150 students