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Case study of a construction company in Abuja delivering impact

For an industry that has received little to no industrial incentives or protection, the construction industry in Nigeria contributes significantly to its economic growth. Experts in the construction industry have argued that if these incentives are provided. And issues with unethical practices are addressed, the sector may perform even better.

According to the United States Department of Trade projections, Nigeria’s construction market will grow by 3.2% annually between 2021 and 2025. This growth, it is believed, will be primarily driven by the Federal Government’s renewed focus on bridging the infrastructure gap. It is expected to cost an average of $3 trillion over the next thirty years.

Beyond the injection of capital into the construction industry, gaps in service delivery need to be plugged in to ensure that the sector optimizes its growth projections. It is an opportunity that Dutum Construction Company Limited has identified. And is filling by upgrading service delivery standards, raising the bar, and creating the benchmark for lasting infrastructural development.​

In its over 32 years, Dutum has recognized that delivering human-centered quality services needs to become a priority for a lasting impact in the construction sector. It is thus closing the safety, housing, and mobility gap on various projects it is engaged in.

Some of the projects that demonstrate how Dutum is delivering impact as a construction company in Abuja include:

Dutum employs its market knowledge to continuously build on and improve as a construction company in Abuja and Nigeria with its world-class projects. The organization has several differentiators. Such as the acute knowledge of the construction industry, its wealth of data, and a focus on efficiency. As it provides a wide range of design, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance services for the construction industry.

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