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Construction safety nets: Top 3 things to know

Hello friend, welcome to Dutum Construction Company. As you read on, you will learn about the construction safety net used in the Nigerian construction industry.

It is no secret that construction sites are accident-prone areas. According to a report by The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), “There were 3,945 worker fatalities in the private industry in 2012. 775 or 19.6% were in construction and falls accounted for 278 out of the 775 (36%) total deaths”.

Falls are very common construction accidents that turn out fatal and they are as a result of falling from heights, slips, or trips. Well, the good news is construction safety nets help in preventing workers from falling.

So, what is a Construction Safety Net?

They are nets used at construction sites to prevent the accidental fall of people or construction materials from the site, or provide a softer landing should anyone fall off. These nets are provided when construction sites are more than 25 feet above the ground or water surface.

Eguavoen Harrison, Safety Officer, Purple Lekki

What are the types of Construction Safety Nets?

what is a construction safety net
  1.  Vertical safety nets (also called Scaffolding Net)
  2.  Horizontal safety nets

These nets can be installed both horizontally or vertically according to requirements.

What are the uses of Construction Safety Nets?

  1. Vertical safety nets:
    • Prevents tools and construction materials from falling from the construction site and endangering people and property on underlying levels, including the ground surface.
    • Protects the environment by ensuring that harmful emissions from the construction site are not released into the atmosphere.
    • Provides a safe working environment by preventing workers from falling off high-rise buildings.
    • Beautifies the construction site while reducing noise and dust pollution.
    • Are used on scaffolding systems to keep rubbish or debris contained on a building site.
  2. Horizontal safety nets:
    •  Prevents tools and construction materials that might fall off the construction site from dropping directly on the earth and endangering people and property on underlying levels, including the ground surface.
    •  Prevents workers who might fall off the construction site from dropping directly on the earth.

What colors are construction safety nets available in?

  1. Green (the most common color used in the construction industry in Nigeria)
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Orange etc. Generally, construction safety nets are customizable according to your preferred choice of color.


The nets are available for a wide range of applications which include:

  1. High Rise Construction
  2. Bridge Construction and Repair
  3. Roof Replacement and Repair
  4. Railroad Bridges
  5. Shafts and Openings
  6. Steel and Concrete Construction
  7. General Fall Protection.

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