10 Best Construction Company In Lagos 2024

Lagos, the capital heart of Nigeria is filled with many large buildings and infrastructure thanks to the myriad of competent construction companies in the state. However, numerous reputable construction companies operate, making it challenging to choose the right one, especially for significant projects. To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a list of the top construction companies in Lagos. 

These companies have played pivotal roles in Nigeria’s infrastructural development over the past decades, contributing to projects ranging from highways, airports, and bridges to dams, railroads, housing developments, and more. Below, you’ll find a compilation of the top ten construction companies in Nigeria.

Top 10 Construction Companies in Lagos

#1. Dutum Group Construction Company


Established over three decades ago, Dutum Group Construction Company is one of Nigeria’s longstanding construction firms. Located in Lagos, so considered as one of the best construction companies in Lagos. The company, fully incorporated in 1989 under Nigeria’s laws, has served various sectors and industries, earning recognition as a top construction entity in the country. Noteworthy projects completed by Dutum Company include hospitals, bridges, schools, roads, petrol stations, and other significant structures. 

At Dutum Construction Company, we prioritize safety and client satisfaction, values reflected in our track record of delivering diverse projects and services to both government and private investors. We offer traditional contract-based services as well as full partnering agreements.

Contact Information:

Website: Reach us via the Contact Us page on our website. For office addresses across the country, please see below:


2 Abisogun Road,

Off Palace Road,

Oniru Estate, Lagos

Phone: +234 805 831 7200


10 Danube Close,

off Danube Crescent

Maitama, Abuja

Phone: +234 805 831 7200


Isaac’s Place,

Opp. TOTAL Petrol Station,

Onireke, G.R.A

Dugbe, Ibadan

Phone: +234 706 967 1901

Our Services:

#1. Civil Engineering:

Dutum specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of physical and naturally built environments, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, and more.

#2. Building Construction:

We excel in adding structures to real estate, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and delivering projects within budget.

#3. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Service Provider:

As an EPC provider, we oversee the design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and handover of projects, ensuring adherence to schedules and budgets.

#4. Facility Management:

Our facility management services integrate people, place, process, and technology to ensure functional, safe, and efficient built environments.

#5. Real Estate:

Dutum Company Limited develops realistically priced real estate in both rural and urban areas of Nigeria, including acreage, small towns, retirement homes, and waterfront properties.

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#2. Sujimoto Construction

Construction Company In Lagos

Sujimoto Construction is a luxury real estate company in Nigeria, but according to their website, they are more than that. They are known for redefining luxury living. This means that they focus on creating high-end residential buildings, commercial properties, and hospitality venues that are not only luxurious but also innovative and stylish. Sujimoto Constructiisis commitment to using high-quality materials and exceeding client expectations, which suggests that they are a company that is focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

Industries:Construction, Property Management, Real Estate Real Estate
Location:Lagos, Lagos, Nga
Funding:1,000,000,000 NGN

#3. BUA Cement

Construction Company In Lagos

BUA Cement is engaged in the production and marketing of cement for block-making, plastering, and concrete works in the construction industry. BUA Cement is a Nigerian cement company committed to sustainability. This means that they are not only focused on producing high-quality cement but also on doing so in an environmentally friendly way. The company also offers information about its investors, distributors, and careers, which suggests that it is a transparent and well-established company. Additionally, their recent reduction in cement prices might be an indicator of their customer-centric approach.

Industries:Building Material, Construction, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Marketing Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Sales And Marketing
Location:Lagos, Lagos, Nga
Phone:+234 903 883 0787

#4. Arbico Plc

Arbico Plc is a building and civil engineering construction company established in 1958. Their longevity suggests that they are a reputable and experienced company. They offer a variety of services including pre-construction and estimating, design and build, and project management, which means that they can handle all aspects of a construction project. Additionally, quotes from satisfied clients on their website suggest that they have a good track record of customer satisfaction.

Industries:Civil Engineering, Construction, Property Management Real Estate, Science And Engineering
Location:Lagos, Lagos, Nga
Phone:+234 1 295 0547

#5. Craneburg Construction


Craneburg Construction is a construction company that delivers complex infrastructure projects. They use the latest technology and safety specifications, which suggests that they are a company that is committed to innovation and safety. They also mention their aim to benefit local communities, which suggests that they are a company that is not only focused on profits but also on giving back to the communities in which they work.

Industries:Civil Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure, Project Management, Real Estate Administrative Services, Other, Real Estate, Science And Engineering
Location:Lagos, Lagos, Nga
Phone:+234 814 000 0488

#6. Oat Construction Nigeria

Oat Construction Nigeria is a building and civil engineering construction company based in Lagos, Nigeria. They offer services in building construction, civil engineering, and project management. Oat Construction prides itself on its professionalism, integrity, creativity, and accountability.

Industries:Building Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Construction Real Estate, Science And Engineering
Location:Lagos, Lagos, Nga
Phone:0805 659 9664

#7. Makon Group

Construction Company In Lagos

The Makon Group provides engineering, project management, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance services. Makon Group is an international company that delivers solutions and services in the oil and gas business. While not a traditional construction company, their services include engineering, project management, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operation and maintenance, which could be relevant to some construction projects.

Industries:Construction, Procurement, Project Management Administrative Services, Other, Real Estate, Transportation
Location:Lekki, Lagos, Nga

#8. Flexip Group

This company provides project management, construction, and consulting services for real estate, civil engineering, and oil & gas industries. Flexip Group is a Nigerian conglomerate company that provides information technology, civil engineering, and energy solutions. They may be a good option for construction projects that require a technology component. Flexip Group is passionate about using technology to create positive change.

Industries:Construction, Consulting, Information Technology Information Technology, Professional Services, Real Estate
and Location:Lagos, Lagos, Nga
Phone:+234 704-014-3671

#9. Nigerite

Construction Company In Lagos

Nigerite is a building materials company that is part of the Etex group, an international company that makes building materials. Their services include fiber-cement roofing and ceiling sheets. The company is committed to social responsibility and invests in the communities where it operates.

Industries:Building Material, Construction, Green Building, Interior Design, Manufacturing Design, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Sustainability
Location:Ikeja, Lagos, Nga
Phone:+234 (0) 700 383 9644

#10. Lafarge Africa

Construction Company In class=

Lafarge Africa is a Nigerian building materials company with a commitment to sustainability. Lafarge offers a variety of building materials including cement, concrete, and aggregates. They are also Nigeria’s first provider of professional waste management services.


Industries:Construction, Industrial Manufacturing Manufacturing, Real Estate
Location:Lagos, Lagos, Nga
Phone:+234 (1) 2713990

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Company in Lagos

How do I choose the best construction company in Lagos?

There’s no single “best” company, as the ideal choice depends on your project’s needs. Consider factors like:
Project type: Residential, commercial, infrastructure, etc.

Budget: Different companies specialize in different price ranges.
Services needed: Do you need full-service construction or just specific aspects (building, civil engineering, etc.)?
Company experience and reputation: Look for companies with experience in similar projects and good client reviews.

What services do construction companies in Lagos offer?

Services vary, but some common offerings include:

Building Construction
Civil engineering (roads, bridges, etc.)
Project management
Design and build
Material supply

How much does it cost to hire a construction company in Lagos?

Costs vary depending on project size, complexity, materials, and labor. It’s best to get quotes from several companies.

Do I need a license to hire a construction company in Lagos?

No, you typically don’t need a license. However, the company you hire should be licensed and insured.

What are the building regulations in Lagos?

It’s important to ensure your project complies with Lagos State building regulations. You can find information from the Lagos State Building Control Agency.

How can I resolve disputes with a construction company?

First, try to resolve it directly with the company. If that fails, consider mediation or arbitration. Legal action is a last resort.


The Lagos construction industry boasts a diverse range of companies with expertise in various sectors.  Choosing the “best” depends entirely on your specific project requirements. By considering factors like project type, budget, and company experience, you can narrow down your options and select a reputable partner to bring your vision to life.  Don’t hesitate to leverage resources like professional organizations and online reviews to further guide your decision.

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