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In the realm of construction and civil engineering, theoretical knowledge forms the foundation, but practical experience is the cornerstone of true expertise. The gap between classroom learning and real-world application is a challenge that resonates with many undergraduates in these fields. To address this, we proudly present the “Building the Future” initiative—an unparalleled one day project tour designed to bridge this gap and provide budding engineers with hands-on insights into the dynamic construction process. Are you a construction or civil engineering undergraduate aspiring to amplify your skills and knowledge? This is your chance to move beyond textbooks and embark on an experiential journey with Dutum’s transformative project tour.

The Initiative

The “Building the Future” initiative is an inspired creation of Dutum Construction, a trailblazer in the construction industry. The objective is simple yet far-reaching: to empower undergraduate students with tangible insights by immersing them in real construction environments. We are opening the doors to an exceptional opportunity for a few fortunate students to witness firsthand the pulse of construction on some of Dutum’s active sites. This experience promises to be a pivotal chapter in your academic and professional journey, allowing you to observe construction in action, engage with industry mavens, and glean insights that leap off the pages of textbooks.


Our initiative stands on four pillars of transformation:

  1. Practical Mastery: Step beyond the confines of theory to grasp the intricacies of construction through real-world observation and participation, enriching your academic voyage.
  1. Transcending Theory: Apply the engineering principles that reside in your textbooks to tangible scenarios, breathing life into abstract concepts.
  1. Technological Revelation: Stand witness to cutting-edge construction methodologies and technologies propelling the industry forward, painting a vivid picture of your potential future.
  1. Collaboration with Experts: Interact with seasoned professionals who have navigated the complex landscape of construction—engineers, architects, and site supervisors. Their insights will expand your horizons, answering questions you didn’t even know you had.

What Awaits

When you join the initiative, you’re stepping into an extraordinary narrative:

  1. Orientation: Begin with an immersive orientation that familiarizes you with the day’s objectives and prioritizes your safety.
  1. Site Exploration: Venture onto the construction site and watch the symphony of activities unfold before your eyes. This experience will connect theoretical dots and illuminate the construction process like never before.
  1. Mastermind Interaction: Engage with experts who’ve sculpted the industry. Architects, engineers, and site supervisors will share their journeys, insights, and wisdom, offering a peerless opportunity for networking and learning from the best.
  1. Dutum’s Gifts: As a token of appreciation, each selected student will receive a gift bag brimming with a branded T-shirt and Calendar, courtesy of Dutum.

What You Will Benefit From The Dutum Project Tour for Undergraduates

Participation in “Building the Future” is a catalyst for transformation:

  1. Applied Wisdom: Acquire practical insights into construction techniques, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application.
  1. Industry Insights: Immerse yourself in the multifaceted world of construction, unraveling a tapestry of career avenues you might not have considered.
  1. Networking Nexus: Forge connections with industry luminaries who could evolve into mentors, references, or future collaborators.
  1. Empowerment for Tomorrow: Equip yourself with practical expertise that paints you as an asset in the job market, heightening your desirability to potential employers.

How to Apply

Ready to script your success story? Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Eligibility: Ensure you are currently enrolled in a Construction or Civil Engineering program at a Nigerian University.
  1. Application Form: Complete the online application form below.
  1. Statement of Passion: Pen down a statement expressing your fervor for the initiative. Illuminate your reasons for eager participation and your aspirations for the journey.
  1. Provide a semester result (This will be used to verify University attended and course of Study)

Apply For The Dutum Project Tour for Undergraduates

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Secure your future by applying through our online form. Time is running out, and opportunities await. Apply to start your journey toward a brighter future. Take the first step now.

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