Lugard FootBridge Kaduna

2 reasons why this footbridge is named after Lord Lugard

Apart from his role in the successful union of Nigeria’s former Southern and Northern Protectorates in 1914, Lord Lugard left his mark on other aspects of Nigerian history. In 1904 Lugard built a footbridge that connected his residence to the rest of the colonial Zungeru. 

The bridge over the Kaduna River was named after him, hence Lugard’s Footbridge. The bridge is made of iron and other supporting building materials such as handrails, wire gauze, and beams. As well as two pillars, rafters, and concrete for structural strength and balance. 

In 1920, shortly after the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorates, the bridge was reconstructed and then moved to Gamji Gate, Kaduna, where it is still located to date. 

The Lugard footbridge is an example of colonial civil engineering and construction in the days before Nigeria began constructing motorable roads and railway lines. It is one of the country’s first pedestrian bridges, one of many relics of Nigeria’s colonial past, and a masterpiece that has remained in excellent condition for decades. 

The Federal Department of Antiquities, now the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, designated the bridge as a historical monument on February 16, 1956. 

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