Dutum set to partner with SME Bootcamp

Dutum set to partner with Lagos SME Bootcamp

Dutum Company Limited is partnering with the Lagos SME Bootcamp for the first edition of the SME Bootcamp initiative in Ibadan.

The SME Bootcamp Initiative is expanding its mission to enhance business management capabilities amongst MSMEs to increase their chances of growth and reduce their risks of failure. The initiative will support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 8, which is the provision of decent work and economic growth.

Founded in 2018 by Ayo Bankole Akintujoye and Oluwaseun Durojaiye, the SME Bootcamp series is an initiative that aims to develop the necessary capacity MSMEs need to survive in an ever-changing operating environment. The camp would educate them on how to strategically position their products in the market, inform MSMEs about global trends and opportunities in entrepreneurship, equip them for future changes, networking, and cooperation that better positions them for strategic growth. 

In the Ibadan edition, the Bootcamp will host about 300 MSMEs and equip them with business management skills such as financial management, business planning, people management, branding, technology, selling, taxation, etc. That would help them better manage and upscale their businesses.

This edition goes all out to ensure that Ibadan gets the same quality as the past events in Lagos, and as a result, the roll call for this season features Temitope Runsewe, a business expert, thought leader, and Managing Director of Dutum.

In addition, this edition has as its partner Dutum Company Limited. At Dutum, we believe MSMEs provide a percentage of the jobs in Nigeria. There is no way to drive sustainable development goal 8 without supporting them as they hold the key to unlocking Africa’s potential.

Participation at the Bootcamp is free but requires attendees to register via www.smebootcamp.com

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