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5 Myths and Misconceptions about the Construction Industry

There are so many myths and misconceptions about the construction industry, the construction industry is one out of so many professions that is subject to myths and misconceptions. While misinformation about the career opportunities and working conditions of in the construction industry might give it a bad reputation, today we want to statistically debunk and address five of them

1. Working in construction is dangerous

If you are a construction worker you might agree that you have a dangerous job quite alright, as you are always required to work from heights on ladders and scaffolding, operate heavy machinery, operate power tools and perform other dangerous tasks on a daily basis which makes injuries quite common in this physically demanding line of work.

The good news is that after five consecutive years of increase in the number of construction worker deaths, construction industry fatalities in the private industry fell 2% from 2016 to 2017 and has been falling till date, this is according to the 2017 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

2017 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)
2017 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)

This reduction is due to the fact that there have been advancements to the development of construction gears such as personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as implementation of stricter safety rules and regulations for construction workers to abide by. These days’ construction companies such as Dutum Construction Company invest a lot of time and resources into creating effective risks management procedures for their construction sites by assessing and mitigating possible risks.

This goes to say that although there are dangerous risks associated with working in the construction industry, today it is a very much safer profession


2. Construction is a dead end job and there is no way to really become successful

Is it? Is it really? Think about some of the buildings and structures that you have seen before. Now think of the dedication and hard work that went into building them, the pride by the people responsible.

The fact is construction is a multibillion-naira industry, from highways to residential homes to high raise sky scrapper buildings to complex transportation systems, there are a lot of opportunities for construction workers to forge ahead. The construction market offers the opportunity for skilled workers and entrepreneurs to start their own company and grow a profitable business

3. People work in construction because they cannot get a job elsewhere

Most construction professionals will tell you how satisfying it is to be in a profession where you can work with your hands as well as with your head while seeing the physical result of your work on a daily basis. Other will tell you that they take pride in seeing the houses, bridges, roads etc. that they built for centuries to come.

But the fact remains that the field of construction offers a large number of jobs for a variety of skill set and at the end of the day, most construction professionals are exactly where they want to be.

4. Anyone can get a job in the construction industry

Learning and honoring any craft takes a long time especially if you want to be successful at it, contrary to popular belief you just cannot work into any construction site and pick up some tools. A lot of training is required in order to manage a group of workers and operate different machineries and equipment used in construction.

Construction workers are often very skilled professionals, who have either gone through the university or gone through apprenticeship to learn the skills and land a job in the field. In the field of construction there is large emphasis on continual training and learning often in the form of seminars, safety classes and professional workshops so that employees always stay up to date.

5. Construction is a simple field compromising of people slinging tools

The world we live in was built by trained and skilled workers who apply modern innovations and construction technology to achieve their goals, hence being in the field of construction requires the ability to think outside the box, it also requires on hand problem solving skills as construction begins long before a single worker arrives at the construction site.

In Summary

When you are part of a construction team, you get the opportunity to build things that stand the test of time, things that you can see and be proud of. The construction industry is a very great choice for anyone looking to create something tangible that society will rely on for years to come.

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