The LIFT Project: Dutum Corporate Social Responsibility

The LIFT Project: Dutum Corporate Social Responsibility

From the inception of Nigeria’s Independence and perhaps eons before then, there has been a disparity in the numbers of children of school-age who don’t have any access to education. This situation has hardly been a challenge peculiar to Nigeria or Africa, but it has remained and stuck with the Nigerian state for quite some time.  It is against this backdrop that the idea of the LIFT project was formed. The LIFT project is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by Dutum Company Limited.

As a construction company, we understand that the work we do and our business decisions have an effect not only on our organization and stakeholders but also on the communities and environment that support our lives and businesses. To this end, we have endeavored to operate in ways that enhance society and the environment.

The LIFT project fosters the cause of access to formal education for students from various communities in Nigeria. It aims to empower youth through scholarships, financial support, counseling, and mentorship. One of the objectives of this project is to provide access to formal education to students of various communities in Nigeria. Beginning with those hailing from the Ogbogbo community in the Ijebu Ode area of Ogun State. The acronym LIFT represents; Learning Empowerment, Inclusion, Fostering Change, and Transformation. 

The first edition of this project was named back to school. It involved the distribution of school materials and stationery required for a new school session by children in the community to over 150 students, refreshments to over 200 attendees, and gifts to the implementing partners (the church).

Reverend Akanji, a representative of the church, gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the community. In his words, “We are very grateful for the Dutum corporate social responsibility LIFT project that you brought to our community. We are thankful that you remembered students and people from this community. We promise to use this avenue to further help the children from the community”.

The first edition was held at the First Baptist Church Erigo, Ogbogbo in the Ijebu area of Ogun state and covered by the newspaper Tribune Online.

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