3 reasons why quality control is important in the construction industry

In construction projects, cost, time, and quality need to be balanced. Although high quality is not always the primary objective for most clients, it is essential for a successful project.

Any project with good construction quality control ensures minimal defects and is more likely to have a successful construction project. This creates a great potential for quality improvements in construction projects, as not paying adequate attention to construction quality control could negatively impact the project.

In this post, we will be discussing 3 reasons why construction quality control is important to every construction project.

But, before that, let’s understand what construction quality control is all about

What is Construction Quality Control?

The word quality has a different meaning in the context it is applied. According to Noel Mades, quality in construction means the measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations, brought about by the strict and consistent adherence to measurable and verifiable standards to achieve uniformity of output that satisfies specific customer or user requirements.

Therefore, quality control consists of making sure things are done according to the plans, specifications, and permit requirements during a construction project. Quality control makes it imperative for clients to get the most out of their construction projects.

Why Construction Quality Control is Important for a Successful Construction Project

Below are reasons why construction quality control makes it imperative for clients to get the most out of their construction projects.

  1. Complying with specifications
  2. Reduced Costs
  3. Avoiding Construction Accidents

Complying with specifications

Construction quality control helps to construct the project by the construction drawings and design details while also delivering to the client a project that meets and exceeds their standards and specifications.

As with cost control, the most important decisions regarding the quality of a completed facility are made during the planning and design stages rather than during construction. In these preliminary stages, component configurations, material specifications, and functional performance are determined.

Quality control during construction consists largely of insuring conformance to these original design and planning decisions.

Reduced Costs

It is very costly to fix defects or failures in constructed facilities. With minor defects, re-construction may be necessary, and the facility’s operation may be compromised. Construction quality control can help to reduce construction costs by lowering levels of waste and rework, cutting costs, and improving productivity and production efficiency.

Avoiding Construction Accidents

Safety during the construction project is also influenced in large part by decisions made during the planning and design process. This is one of the benefits of construction quality control. For example, clear separation of traffic from construction zones during roadway rehabilitation can greatly reduce the possibility of accidental collisions.

 In Conclusion

Quality control is critically important to a successful construction project and should be adhered to throughout a project from conception and design to construction and installation. Inspection during construction will prevent costly repairs after the project is completed.

By suggesting new work methods, avoiding rework, and avoiding long-term problems, good construction quality control can pay for itself. Owners should promote good construction quality control and seek out contractors who maintain such standards.

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